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CGWallpapers.com proudly presents the astonishing artwork of some of the finest CG artists around the world through your desktop. You will find exclusive 2D and 3D rendered backgrounds created from high-res digital art.

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19/12/2014 Christmas Gift Cards!
Christmas time is coming up! Need a gift for Christmas? Give away, or give yourself, a membership to our site! Glorious desktops, tablets or smartphones all year long! Sign up and print our tasteful gift card to present your gift.

Download the gift cards below to offer this as a present:

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10/12/14 4K support is here!

All new wallpapers on both GameWallpapers.com and CGWallpapers.com will be in 4K, if possible. More than twice the amount of pixels of 2560x1440!

The time seemed right. 3840x2160 monitors are now available under 400 euro. And the visitor statistics showed quite a few visitors using 4K already.

In order not to waste good art, we will be upscaling art that has a source resolution between 2560x1440 and 4K. As usual, 4K is a members only feature. Have a look at the last two updates, they already support 4K! Enjoy.

5 Free Wallpapers   

James Strehle James Strehle NEW!
Wallpapers: 6
December 19, 2014
Stefano Bernardi Stefano Bernardi NEW!
Wallpapers: 2
December 19, 2014
Jose Daniel Cabrera Jose Daniel Cabrera
Wallpapers: 4
December 15, 2014
Alejandro Corral Alejandro Corral
Wallpapers: 1
December 15, 2014
1 Free Wallpaper
Jessica Rossier Jessica Rossier
Wallpapers: 3
December 12, 2014
Chen Bo Chen Bo
Wallpapers: 25
December 12, 2014
1 Free Wallpaper
Bastien Grivet Bastien Grivet
Wallpapers: 10
December 08, 2014
1 Free Wallpaper
Jingjing Liu Jingjing Liu
Wallpapers: 1
December 05, 2014
Jan Wessbecher Jan Wessbecher
Wallpapers: 1
December 01, 2014
Haixiang Mu Haixiang Mu
Wallpapers: 2
November 28, 2014
Omar Jason Omar Jason
Wallpapers: 1
November 24, 2014
Tamas Gyerman Tamas Gyerman
Wallpapers: 2
November 24, 2014
John Park John Park
Wallpapers: 1
November 21, 2014
Leonardo Badanais da Silva Leonardo Badanais da Silva
Wallpapers: 1
November 17, 2014
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